Packaging a Pitch With Impact



2-day experiential classroom training for teams in London & New York



We were contacted out of the blue by Stranger & Stranger’s CEO Ivan Bell – he remembered that we had trained him and his team 9 years ago when they were a small design studio based in Central London. He said it was the best training they’d ever had and they still referred to it after 10 years – the greatest compliment we have ever received!

They were now an award-winning design agency with 3 offices in London, New York and San Francisco and so he wanted us to train a new generation of their team on both sides of The Pond.


We designed a highly practical and motivational 2-day training programme to quickly develop and grow the capabilities of the team. Aimed at empowering people to express their own personality when presenting and with increased charisma. The session was packed with ‘secret’ theatre skill techniques, including applying powerful storytelling structures to make presentations more compelling. We ended with a ‘Charisma Challenge’ to help people step out of their comfort zone and unlock their latent charisma.


The session proved a huge success and met the high expectations of Ivan’s ‘best ever’ recommendation. The teams all felt they had developed and grown in confidence, awareness and ability, and had seen tangible improvement in all of their peers across the 2 days. They felt empowered to take their new skills and confidence back into real work situations. Confessing to a strong and profound feeling of personal growth and cohesion, as a team, having gone through this fun, unique and challenging experience. 

This course was above and beyond any expectations I could have had. I’ve learned to express myself and present with confidence, authority, charisma and authenticity. It was an amazing bonding experience with my co-workers - I feel the bonds that have been built is something I will not forget.